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Fall Fitness 8×8 Challenge!

Hey everyone!

So we are about to get started on a new 8×8 challenge on October 26th, 2020. All the challenge members in the past have had GREAT results and have learned quite a bit about themselves and their own personal fat loss blueprint. Realizing that each person is a unique individual and their journey to fat loss is unique as well- is the first step in your fat loss journey!

Almost all of my clients lost at LEAST 5 POUNDS in the FIRST WEEK!! What an amazing result for each of these ladies!

The 8×8 program has been so successful that I am going to offer you a GREAT DEAL! If you sign up before October 25th, the program will only be $50 (normally $100) AND it comes with a cool Aspiring Fitness workout tank! The tanks is super soft and flowy, great for working out or lounging, or whatever! The 8×8 program includes:

  • Nutrition guide to help you get the best results and help you unlock your personal fat burning formula
  • 8 week workout schedule
  • 8 Strength/Weight workouts
  • Bonus fat burning cardio workout to shed inches fast
  • Private, women’s only, accountability group
  • 24/7 Support to help you stay on track

It’s a great deal and you’ll get great results!

Here are some of their AWESOME testimonials!

Sign up HERE!!! You got this!

– Katie

Get ready for Bikini Season!

By Katie Guinn

December 7th, 2019

Hey there!

You may be thinking right now: “Katie, it’s ONLY February! Quit talking to me about swimsuit season!?!?!”

Welllllll…… TWO things to consider: Bikini bodies are made in the KITCHEN and in the WINTER- aka- RIGHT NOW!

When it comes to the KITCHEN, you have to get your nutrition right and be consistent with the food and fuel you put in your body. After all, you are what you eat! Proper nutrition focused on burning fat will help you get your bikini body sooner. Focus on lean protein, veggies and complex carbohydrates to fuel your body.

When it comes to the WINTER. you can’t expect to wait until May 1st to be swimsuit ready by Memorial Day- it’s just not enough time to make it happen. No crash diet is achievable or sustainable or is going to get you the results you want and need. I have found that most of my clients can achieve great results in as little as 8 weeks. 8 weeks may seem like a long time but it’s only 2 months to get the results you want!

You got this!!

– Katie