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Aspiring Fitness, LLC is an educational health and fitness brand. Information herein is not meant to diagnose or treat illness or injury using food or exercise. All information is shared based on personal experience and professional certifications. Aspiring Fitness is not a nutritional care services company, and all information used and shared is done at your own risk. Results are dependent on the level of commitment and consistency, and are not guaranteed. When you are starting a new fitness regimen, you should consult your physician first.
What is presented here is my personal point of view and experiences. Every person is different and each person needs to determine their own program to meet their particular needs. Yours may differ, and that’s absolutely fine, you always need to listen to your own body and do what’s right for you. Aspiring Fitness cannot be held liable for any losses, injuries or damages that may occur as a result of the choices you make based on the information presented on this site. Due to the nature of the programs, once a plan has been given to a client, no refunds will be issued. Be smart, be safe.