Hey everyone!

So we are about to get started on a new 8×8 challenge on January 1st, 2020. All the challenge members in the past have had GREAT results and have learned quite a bit about themselves and their own personal fat loss blueprint. Realizing that each person is a unique individual and their journey to fat loss is unique as well- is the first step in your fat loss journey!

Almost all of my clients lost at LEAST 5 POUNDS in the FIRST WEEK!! What an amazing result for each of these ladies!

The 8×8 program has been so successful that I am going to offer you a GREAT DEAL! If you sign up before December 31st, 2019, the program will only be $50 AND it comes with a cool Aspiring Fitness workout tank! The tanks is super soft and flowy, great for working out or lounging, or whatever! The 8×8 program includes:

  • Nutrition guide to help you get the best results and help you unlock your personal fat burning formula
  • 8 week workout schedule
  • 8 Strength/Weight workouts
  • Bonus fat burning cardio workout to shed inches fast
  • Private, women’s only, accountability group
  • 24/7 Support to help you stay on track

It’s a great deal and you’ll get great results!

Check out these amazing results!

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You got this!

– Katie

Hey there!

You may be thinking right now: “Katie, it’s STILL WINTER! Quit talking to me about swimsuit season!?!?!”

Welllllll…… TWO things to consider: Bikini bodies are made in the KITCHEN and in the WINTER- aka- RIGHT NOW!

When it comes to the KITCHEN, you have to get your nutrition right and be consistent with the food and fuel you put in your body. After all, you are what you eat! Proper nutrition focused on burning fat will help you get your bikini body sooner. Focus on lean protein, veggies and complex carbohydrates to fuel your body.

When it comes to the WINTER. you can’t expect to wait until May 1st to be swimsuit ready by Memorial Day- it’s just not enough time to make it happen. No crash diet is achievable or sustainable or is going to get you the results you want and need. I have found that most of my clients can achieve great results in as little as 8 weeks. 8 weeks may seem like a long time but it’s only 2 months to get the results you want!

You got this!!
– Katie

Hey there!

The end of February wrapped up our 8×8 Challenge! We had some GREAT results! Just wanted to brag on one of my Clients Erin who really had some amazing changes after completing the challenge!!


That’s right! In just 8 weeks, Erin is down 10 inches and 20lbs! No crazy dieting methods, no grueling gym sessions, no long workouts. Real food and real results in a short amount of time! What can you accomplish in 8 weeks?

– Katie

Want to learn more? Check it out  HERE!

Join the Aspiring Fitness 8×8 Program, where you can learn to live the healthy lifestyle that you need! It’s my most popular program; an 8 week program designed to tighten, tone and transform your body in as little as 8 weeks.

The average participant loses 5lbs in the first week and even more weight and inches in the following weeks! Check out these RESULTS!!!

What do Aspiring Fitness 8×8 Members receive?

  • Fat burning workouts that require no gym membership!
  • Comprehensive fat loss food and nutrition guide
  • Accountability group to help you stay on track
  • Workout Schedule to help you reach your goals
  • Fat loss lifestyle bonus material
  • And live online support!!

Sign up here: http://www.aspiringfitness.com/programs/

Hey there!

How’s that New Year’s Resolution going for ya?

About this time every year people and their resolutions start to fizzle out. At the beginning of the year everyone gets excited and hyped to make a change. Instead of calling it a “resolution” or “making a resolution”, I like to set GOALS. There’s a few reasons why setting goals at the beginning of the year is beneficial.

  • Many other people are setting goals or making resolutions, therefore it’s easier to work towards one because everyone else is.
  • The start of the new year signifies a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate if you will.
  • Honestly, it’s past the holiday season and away from temptations, parties, social events and obligations.

So how do you set goals and accomplish them?

  • Write them down! Writing down your goals gives them a permanence and importance. Also, it’s easy to refer to later on. Place your goals in a place you will see them; journal, on the fridge, on your mirror, etc. Be reminded of them!
  • When times get tough remember your WHY! Why are you doing this? Who are you doing this for? You need a major driving factor for why you’re doing this. It needs to be deep and meaningful.
  • Have an accountability partner. Whether it is your spouse, best friend, parent, coach, you need someone who is going through this with you or has accomplished this before to guide you and encourage you along the way.

So what happens if I mess up along the way? Is it ever too far gone?

  • Nope! Never!! If you mess up, pick yourself up and start fresh. You can have a fresh start at any time. You don’t have to wait for the “next monday” or “next month” or even “next year”. EVERY day has opportunities to make choices. Use every opportunity to make a better choice. So what if at lunch you made a bad choice? Make a good choice at dinner. Don’t just throw the whole day away. There’s no need for that. Not all hope is lost, just keep going! You got this!!

– Katie





It’s MY birthday but I have a gift for YOU!! Save on my most popular fitness program: 8×8 ! For the rest of the month of June, the 8×8 program will be half off! It’s normally $99, but only $50 right now. You’ll get 8 weeks of fat burning workouts, nutrition plan and guide, accountability and support to reach your goals!!


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So we just wrapped up the 8×8 challenge that started January 1st, 2017. All the challenge members had GREAT results and have learned quite a bit about themselves and their own personal fat loss blueprint. Realizing that each person is a unique individual and their journey to fat loss is unique as well- is the first step in your fat loss journey!

Almost all of my clients lost at LEAST 5 POUNDS in the FIRST WEEK!! What an amazing result for each of these ladies!

I decided that since it was so successful that we will do another FREE 8×8 challenge starting April 1st! BUT I will limit it to the first 5 ladies who sign up this time. Thereafter, the program will have a discount to the ladies who sign up after the first 5 free spots are filled. It’s a great deal and you’ll get great results!

Here are some of their testimonials!

Hey everyone!

If you made a New Years resolution, how’s it going? Staying with it? Making progress? What have you accomplished?

In my 8×8 challenge group, I do an exclusive video series for them every Friday. I call these videos my Friday Fitness Fun Fact! This is something I do exclusively for Aspiring Fitness members, because I want to educate them in areas of fat loss. I believe it is important to understand the process and not just follow instructions that I give them. That will enable them to truly make this a lifestyle and not a diet.

Last week I talked about mindset. I felt like I should share this information with you, as it’s too important to not share with others.

I want to use the acronym ACDC to talk about making over our mindset. This can be used in any area of life, not just fat loss, but any area where you are seeking REAL change.

And no, I’m not talking about the heavy metal rock band, LOL.



Accountability is key! You need a support system to have your back, to ask questions, to be able to vent to went things get rough. When others are going through the same things as you, it’s a lot easier to weather the storm that’s inevitable. This group will help you, encourage you and make it easier to accomplish your goal. This is why I have designed fitness groups! For the sole purpose of accountability.


You have to be consistent! You CANNOT eat perfect 4 days a week and then on the weekends eat junk and expect to get the results you desire. I go by the 90:10 rule. Eat really well, eat perfect, 90% of the time and allot 10% of the time for a weekly cheat meal, slip ups and basically a contingency fund. When you’re out at events or when life happens, this 10% will cover that.


You have to be determined and driven to meet your goals. You have to have a driving factor as to why you are doing this. And it needs to be something bigger than “I want to look good in a bikini”. That’s NOT going to be a driving force that will get you to the finish line. My driving force is disease prevention. Diabetes and obesity runs in my family and that is something I want to prevent.


You have to be committed to the goal! Don’t give up, just keep going! Be committed to that driving force that you decided was big enough to change your life. Be consistent. Have an accountability partner or group. When you make a decision to do something, just do it!


You got this!


– Katie


I hope your day is filled with joy, fun and with those you love.

 Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 3.19.00 PM

To spread holiday cheer, I have a gift for you!

I know that the days following Christmas, you start to get bombarded with New Years resolutions advertisements and fitness programs that want you to buy into a certain program, gym membership, videos, or exercise equipment.

It can be soooo overwhelming!!

But because I’m so confident that my fitness program will provide the true change you want and need, I’m giving it to you FREE!! My Christmas gift to you!

Here’s the details:

  • Aspiring Fitness 8×8 program will be available to you for free!
  • Limited to the first 20 people who send an email to katie@aspiringfitness.com tell me why you want to do the 8×8 program!
  • All materials: nutrition, workouts, accountability group, etc. will be exclusively online in a private facebook group.
  • We will kick off the program on Monday, January 1st, 2017 and it will last 8 weeks.
  • Program includes:
  • 8 Weeks of fat-blasting workouts!
  • 8 Week Nutrition plan to give you the BEST results!
  • Live online support
  • Access to a private and personal accountability group to help you stay on track and reach your goals.
  • Workout schedule for optimal fat loss!
  • Guide to Foods that promote fat loss
  • Deadline to sign up is New Years Eve!

Let me know how I can help you achieve you goals in the New Year!

Don’t forget to email me at katie@aspiringfitness.com to sign up!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

Chances are you are like most American’s and ate way too much over the long holiday weekend. Anyone feeling a little bloated?

Here’s some things you can do:

  • Drink your water! Water will help flush out toxins and decrease the bloated feeling.
  • Go low carb! For the next few days, lay off the carbs and it’ll help your body feel back to normal after the sugar rush you probably experienced.
  • Get your blood flowing! Start walking and weight training again.

Here’s a sample of a day of meals to help inspire you and get you back on track:


  • 1/4 cup oat bran
  • 1/4 blueberries
  • 2 eggs or 1 scoop protein powder


  • 1 grilled chicken breast
  • Leafy salad loaded with veggies and balsamic vinegar on side


  • 1 small piece of salmon
  • 2 cups normandy mix veggies

Drink one gallon of water throughout the day.

Who doesn’t love a delicious holiday themed drink? But…. they can be loaded with TONS of sugar and calories. But here’s some cleaned up alternatives that are enjoyable to your palate and won’t damage your waistline.

Peppermint Mocha

  • Brew coffee
  • Add 1 TBSP unsweetened cocoa
  • Peppermint sweetleaf (stevia) drops to taste.
  • You can add a scoop of protein powder if wanted to give it a creamer taste. Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 2.53.10 PM

Vanilla Bean Frappucino

  • 8 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1 tbsp lean vanilla bean ripped cream coffee creamer
  • 1 tbsp SF FF vanilla pudding mix
  • Ice and stevia to taste.
  • Blend together and enjoy a healthy treat!!


vanilla frapp

Pumpkin Spice Latte

  • Brew a cup of your favorite coffee.
  • Add a few drops of sweet leaf stevia pumpkin spice flavored stevia drops.
  • Then stir in 1 tbsp of ripped cream protein coffee creamer!

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.37.01 PM