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How’s that New Year’s Resolution going for ya?

About this time every year people and their resolutions start to fizzle out. At the beginning of the year everyone gets excited and hyped to make a change. Instead of calling it a “resolution” or “making a resolution”, I like to set GOALS. There’s a few reasons why setting goals at the beginning of the year is beneficial.

  • Many other people are setting goals or making resolutions, therefore it’s easier to work towards one because everyone else is.
  • The start of the new year signifies a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate if you will.
  • Honestly, it’s past the holiday season and away from temptations, parties, social events and obligations.

So how do you set goals and accomplish them?

  • Write them down! Writing down your goals gives them a permanence and importance. Also, it’s easy to refer to later on. Place your goals in a place you will see them; journal, on the fridge, on your mirror, etc. Be reminded of them!
  • When times get tough remember your WHY! Why are you doing this? Who are you doing this for? You need a major driving factor for why you’re doing this. It needs to be deep and meaningful.
  • Have an accountability partner. Whether it is your spouse, best friend, parent, coach, you need someone who is going through this with you or has accomplished this before to guide you and encourage you along the way.

So what happens if I mess up along the way? Is it ever too far gone?

  • Nope! Never!! If you mess up, pick yourself up and start fresh. You can have a fresh start at any time. You don’t have to wait for the “next monday” or “next month” or even “next year”. EVERY day has opportunities to make choices. Use every opportunity to make a better choice. So what if at lunch you made a bad choice? Make a good choice at dinner. Don’t just throw the whole day away. There’s no need for that. Not all hope is lost, just keep going! You got this!!

– Katie




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