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The end of February wrapped up our 8×8 Challenge! We had some GREAT results! Just wanted to brag on one of my Clients Erin who really had some amazing changes after completing the challenge!!


That’s right! In just 8 weeks, Erin is down 10 inches and 20lbs! No crazy dieting methods, no grueling gym sessions, no long workouts. Real food and real results in a short amount of time! What can you accomplish in 8 weeks?

– Katie

Want to learn more? Check it out  HERE!

Join the Aspiring Fitness 8×8 Program, where you can learn to live the healthy lifestyle that you need! It’s my most popular program; an 8 week program designed to tighten, tone and transform your body in as little as 8 weeks.

The average participant loses 5lbs in the first week and even more weight and inches in the following weeks! Check out these RESULTS!!!

What do Aspiring Fitness 8×8 Members receive?

  • Fat burning workouts that require no gym membership!
  • Comprehensive fat loss food and nutrition guide
  • Accountability group to help you stay on track
  • Workout Schedule to help you reach your goals
  • Fat loss lifestyle bonus material
  • And live online support!!

Sign up here: http://www.aspiringfitness.com/programs/

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