So we just wrapped up the 8×8 challenge that started January 1st, 2017. All the challenge members had GREAT results and have learned quite a bit about themselves and their own personal fat loss blueprint. Realizing that each person is a unique individual and their journey to fat loss is unique as well- is the first step in your fat loss journey!

Almost all of my clients lost at LEAST 5 POUNDS in the FIRST WEEK!! What an amazing result for each of these ladies!

I decided that since it was so successful that we will do another FREE 8×8 challenge starting April 1st! BUT I will limit it to the first 5 ladies who sign up this time. Thereafter, the program will have a discount to the ladies who sign up after the first 5 free spots are filled. It’s a great deal and you’ll get great results!

Here are some of their testimonials!

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