Hey everyone!

If you made a New Years resolution, how’s it going? Staying with it? Making progress? What have you accomplished?

In my 8×8 challenge group, I do an exclusive video series for them every Friday. I call these videos my Friday Fitness Fun Fact! This is something I do exclusively for Aspiring Fitness members, because I want to educate them in areas of fat loss. I believe it is important to understand the process and not just follow instructions that I give them. That will enable them to truly make this a lifestyle and not a diet.

Last week I talked about mindset. I felt like I should share this information with you, as it’s too important to not share with others.

I want to use the acronym ACDC to talk about making over our mindset. This can be used in any area of life, not just fat loss, but any area where you are seeking REAL change.

And no, I’m not talking about the heavy metal rock band, LOL.



Accountability is key! You need a support system to have your back, to ask questions, to be able to vent to went things get rough. When others are going through the same things as you, it’s a lot easier to weather the storm that’s inevitable. This group will help you, encourage you and make it easier to accomplish your goal. This is why I have designed fitness groups! For the sole purpose of accountability.


You have to be consistent! You CANNOT eat perfect 4 days a week and then on the weekends eat junk and expect to get the results you desire. I go by the 90:10 rule. Eat really well, eat perfect, 90% of the time and allot 10% of the time for a weekly cheat meal, slip ups and basically a contingency fund. When you’re out at events or when life happens, this 10% will cover that.


You have to be determined and driven to meet your goals. You have to have a driving factor as to why you are doing this. And it needs to be something bigger than “I want to look good in a bikini”. That’s NOT going to be a driving force that will get you to the finish line. My driving force is disease prevention. Diabetes and obesity runs in my family and that is something I want to prevent.


You have to be committed to the goal! Don’t give up, just keep going! Be committed to that driving force that you decided was big enough to change your life. Be consistent. Have an accountability partner or group. When you make a decision to do something, just do it!


You got this!


– Katie

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