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The holiday season is officially upon us and with it comes gift shopping, holiday parties, candy, stress, cold weather, family time and much more!

But how do we survive all of the holiday parties without adding too much to our waistline?

Moderation, planning and lots of willpower!

It’s near impossible to not partake in all the delicious foods that only come around once a year. So here’s some tips:


  • Limit yourself to small bites of things
  • Don’t get seconds
  • Only eat the things you really enjoy- if you don’t want a roll, don’t eat one! Save your calories for something you really enjoy more


  • You might have to be the person who brings a veggie tray to the party
  • Drink lots of water
  • Have a game plan in place before the event
  • If you are planning on enjoying an adult beverage, let that be your dessert or skip something else that is higher in carbs or sugar.


  • This one might be the hardest
  • Stand firm in your resolve and don’t stray from your plan!
  • Learn to say no when people want you to try certain things, or take a very small polite taste 🙂

You got this!!

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